Dalsa Falcon XDR Cameras

The Dalsa Falcon XDR cameras series is compact, lightweight and happily fits in space-restricted or multi-camera settings that demand high resolutions and shutter speeds. Frame rates as high as 100 FPS and 10 meter transmission at 80 MHz via flexible PoCL connections ensure impressive performance in remote or dynamic industrial environments. Top-notch dynamic range, global shutters, exposure control and Flat Field Correction (FFC) improve the Dalsa Falcon XDR Series' imaging capabilities even further. This series is optimized for use in electronics manufacturing and semiconductor inspection.

List of Dalsa Falcon XDR Cameras

Camera Resolution Sensor FPS Signal Category Interface Scanning Mode
Product Image Of Falcon 1.4M100 XDR Falcon 1.4M100 XDR  
1.4M100 XDR Color 1.4 MP - 100 Color Area Scan Camera Link -
1.4M100 XDR Mono 1.4 MP - 100 Monochrome Area Scan Camera Link Progressive Scan