Dalsa Falcon4 M4480 Camera

Part Number(s): FA-HM00-M4485

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Ultra-High Resolution, High Speed Camera from Dalsa

When you need true high-performance imaging, turn to the Falcon™4-CLHS M4480 camera. Using Teledyne Imaging’s advanced CMOS architectures, this camera offers unique, unprecedented capabilities for large area, high resolution, and high speed imaging. Enjoy a resolution of 11.2 MP along with a frame rate up to 609 fps.


  • Reduced dark noise levels and
  • Improved dark offset
  • Improved sensitivity, including
  • NIR response
  • In-camera image pre-processing (flat field, pixel correction)
  • Large full well when using in-sensor binning >160Ke
  • Global shutter and exposure control
  • Thousands of frames per second in Partial Scan Mode (ROI)


  • Electronic Inspection
  • Aerial Imaging
  • Flat Panel Inspection
  • Semiconductor
  • High Speed 3D imaging
  • Surveillance
  • Motion Tracking and Analysis

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  • 4480 x 2496, 6.0 µm pixels
  • APS-C lenses
  • 609 fps
  • 61.3 dynamic range

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Product image of Dalsa Falcon4 M4480
Product Photos
Product image of  Dalsa Falcon4 M4480

Quick Info for the Dalsa M4480

Camera Category: Area Scan
Camera Series: Falcon4
FPS: 609
Interface: Camera Link HS
Manufacturer: Dalsa
Resolutions: 4480 x 2496
Scanning Mode: Area Scan
Signal System: Monochrome
Technology: Camera Link HS Cameras