Dalsa Linea HS Cameras

The newest member of Dalsa’s collection is the Linea HS Series. Ideally suited for applications like electronic component inspections and life sciences, these Linea HS cameras provide new levels of performance and accuracy.

Cameras in the Linea HS series make use of multi-array charge-domain CMOS TDI technology, offering new capabilities including mono/HDR, multifield, and super-resolution imaging for various applications in machine vision. These incredibly accurate cameras also use a high-speed fiber-optic interface capable of providing 5GPix per second through only one cable.

This new super-resolution camera series also features improved detectability for subpixel defects, compatibility with 16k/5μm lenses, and reduced system costs.

List of Dalsa Linea HS Cameras

Camera Resolution FPS Signal Category Interface Scanning Mode
Product Image Of 32k Super Resolution CLHS 32k Super Resolution CLHS 32768 x 64 - Monochrome Line Scan Camera Link HS Line Scan