Dalsa Linea ML Cameras

Dalsa's latest addition to its Line Scan products is the leading-edge Linea ML series. Their faster-than-ever CMOS technology with affordable multiline architecture enables powerful inspection imaging solutions, including HDR, color and multispectral analysis, and multi-field imaging (single-pass bright/darkfield).

The Linea ML series is Dalsa's first camera to feature native fiber optic connectors, providing the option of low-cost fiber optic for long cables and immunity to electrical interference.

The new line-scan series offers increased sensitivity, reduced noise levels, and higher line rates up to 300kHz via a CLHS interface, as well as a four-selection option for multiple spectral bands- color, color plus mono, color plus NIR, and multi-field.

List of Dalsa Linea ML Cameras

Camera Resolution FPS Signal Category Interface Scanning Mode
Product Image Of Linea ML 16K CLHS Linea ML 16K CLHS 16,384 - Color Line Scan Camera Link Line Scan
Product Image Of Linea ML 8K CLHS Linea ML 8K CLHS 8,192 - Color Line Scan Camera Link Line Scan