FLIR A500F Camera

Part Number(s): 90604-0301, 90605-0301, 90606-0301

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FLIR A500f and A700f Advanced Smart Sensor Thermal Cameras are ideal for users who want built-in, on-camera analytics and alarm capabilities for outdoor condition monitoring and early fire detection applications. These cameras can help companies protect assets, improve safety, maximize uptime, and minimize maintenance costs. Featuring a protective housing designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, FLIR A500f/A700f cameras combine unmatched thermal imaging with edge computing and industrial internet of things (IIoT) for simplified inclusion in new or existing networks. For VMS integrations, thermal and visible streams can be viewed independently or simultaneously. The cameras are easy to add, set up, and operate in HMI/SCADA systems, offering automation system solution providers a running start.


The protective housing can withstand temperatures between -30° to 50°C, providing a high level of protection against challenging environmental conditions and theft.


Multiple communication and control options enable easy integration into standard security and IiOT solutions including HMI/SCADA, ONVIF, Modbus, MQTT, and REST API protocol.


With up to 640 × 480 thermal resolution, remote motor focus, FSX® (Flexible Scene Enhancement) technology, and three fields of view, A500f/A700f cameras provide reliable measurements every time.


  • IR Resolution: 464 × 348
  • Accuracy: ±2°C (±3.6°F) or ±2% of reading, for ambient temperature 15° to 35°C (59° to 95°F) and object temperature above 0°C (32°F)

Lens Available:

  • 14deg: 90604-0301
  • 24deg: 90605-0301
  • 42deg: 90606-0301

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Product image of  FLIR A500F

Quick Info for the FLIR A500F

Camera Category: Area Scan
Camera Series: Thermal Imaging
Format: -
FPS: 30Hz
Interface: GigE
Manufacturer: FLIR
Resolutions: Under 1 MP
Scanning Mode: -
Sensor: -
Shutter: -
Signal System: IR
Technology: IR Cameras
Technology: LWIR
Technology: GigE Cameras