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FLIR Introduces the VUE™PRO R, Radiometric Thermal Camera for sUAS

The new Vue Pro R from FLIR gives drone operators and certified thermographers the power to gather accurate, non-contact temperature measurements from an aerial perspective. Every still image the Vue Pro R saves contains accurate, calibrated temperature data embedded in every pixel, adding even more value to your sUAS operations and services than ever. Still delivering the same industry-leading thermal imaging quality, interfaces, and capability as the best-selling Vue Pro, the Vue Pro R adds fully radiometric data-gathering to sUAS applications as diverse as building and roof inspections, power grid inspections, infrastructure analysis, precision agriculture, and public safety.

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  • Flexible camera control and configuration options
  • Adjust camera functions with PMW inputs from your controller
  • Configure your camera’s recording and control settings with the vue pro mobile app
  • Field-upgradeability makes sure you’ll always have the latest features
  • Simple power-in/analog video-out interface over 10-pin mini-USB connector
  • Image settings optimized for airborne operations


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Product image of FLIR Vue Pro R
Product image of FLIR Vue Pro R
Product Photos
Product image of  FLIR Vue Pro R Product image of  FLIR Vue Pro R

Quick Info for the FLIR FLIR Vue Pro R

Camera Category: Thermal
Camera Series: UAS
FPS: 30Hz
Interface: HDMI
Manufacturer: FLIR
Resolutions: 640 x 512
Scanning Mode: -
Signal System: IR
Technology: 4K Cameras
Technology: LWIR