Hamamatsu C13752-50U Camera

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Phase 1 offers the C13752-50U camera,  a scientific image sensor, an advanced CMOS detector that simultaneously achieves high resolution, fast readout speeds and low noise. With its small size, board-level design and simple, low-cost integration using USB 3.0, the C13752-50U is the ideal camera for OEM scientific imaging.

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  • Resolution: 3.0 megapixels (2048 × 1544)
  • Readout noise: 2.3 electrons (typ.)
  • Frame rate: 65 frames/s (Full resolution)
  • Global shutter


  • Fluorescence imaging
  • DNA sequencing
  • CTC detection
  • X-ray I.I. readout
  • X-ray CT


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Product image of Hamamatsu C13752-50U
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Product image of  Hamamatsu C13752-50U

Quick Info for the Hamamatsu c13752-50u

Camera Category: Area Scan
Camera Series: Board Level (Hamamatsu)
FPS: 65
Interface: USB 3.0
Manufacturer: Hamamatsu
Resolutions: 3 MP
Scanning Mode: Area Scan
Signal System: Color / Monochrome
Technology: Board Level Cameras