Hamamatsu C12741-11 Camera

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The C12741-11 is a near-infrared camera which employs a 640 × 512 pixel InGaAs sensor. -70 °C peltier cooling significantly reduces dark current which leads to improved image quality and allows imaging with long exposure time. Unlike CCD or CMOS cameras, the C12741-11 can detect weak IR light with a high signal to noise ratio.

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  • Resolution: 640 × 512 pixels
  • Low dark current with -70 °C peltier cooling (water cooling)
  • Interchangeable between air/water cooling

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Product image of Hamamatsu C12741-11
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Product image of  Hamamatsu C12741-11

Quick Info for the Hamamatsu C12741-11

Camera Category: InGaAs
Camera Series: InGaAs
FPS: 7
Interface: C Mount
Manufacturer: Hamamatsu
Resolutions: 640 x 512
Scanning Mode: Rolling Shutter
Signal System: NIR
Technology: SWIR