Hamamatsu C11440-42U40 Camera

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Phase 1 offers he ORCA-Flash4.0 LT3 C11440-42U40, a new scientific CMOS camera for fluorescence imaging, which has been improved from the ORCA-Flash 4.0 released in 2011.

It is equipped with a high level of performance required for fluorescence imaging such as life science applications, and can be used not only for basic research applications but also for integration into various types of equipment.

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  • Low readout noise (Standard scan): 1.5 electrons rms, 0.9 electrons median
  • High speed readout (Rapid rolling, Full resolution): 40 frames/s
  • Large field of view: 13.312 mm (H)×13.312 mm (V)
  • High resolution: 2048 (H)×2048 (V)
  • High quantum efficiency: 82 % (Peak QE)


  • Time-lapse imaging
  • Multidimensional imaging
  • Ca2+ imaging
  • DNA chip reading


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Product image of Hamamatsu C11440-42U40
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Product image of  Hamamatsu C11440-42U40

Quick Info for the Hamamatsu c11440-42u40

Camera Series: Visible Camera
FPS: 40
Interface: USB 3.1
Manufacturer: Hamamatsu
Scanning Mode: Area Scan
Signal System: Color / Monochrome
Technology: Area Scan Cameras