Hamamatsu C16240-20UP Camera

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Phase 1 offers the ORCA-Fire C16240-20UP Digital CMOS Camera,  intelligently integrating all the essential elements of a high performance, back-thinned, scientific CMOS (sCMOS) camera. The camera’s excellence is rooted in Hamamatsu’s dedication to low noise and high quantum efficiency sCMOS technology. With the ORCA-Fire, high sensitivity is realized while also achieving excellent resolution and blazing fast speeds. The ORCA-Fire shines when the science demands high throughput but the sample can only deliver a few photons.

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Highlight Specs

  • Low Noise: 1.0 electrons rms (115 frames/s)
  • High QE: 90 % @475 nm (Back illuminated CMOS)
  • High-Resolution: 4432 (H) × 2368 (V) (Pixel size 4.6 μm)
  • High-Speed: 115 frames/s (@4432(H)×2368(V) 10.5 Mpixels)
  • Large Field of View: 20.4 mm × 10.9 mm (Diagonal 23.114 mm)
  • High Dynamic Range: 1 : 20 000 (Full well capacity 20 000 electrons)

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Product image of Hamamatsu C16240-20UP
Product Photos
Product image of  Hamamatsu C16240-20UP

Quick Info for the Hamamatsu c16240-20up

Camera Series: Visible Camera
FPS: 115
Interface: CoaXPress
Manufacturer: Hamamatsu
Scanning Mode: Area Scan
Signal System: Color / Monochrome
Technology: Area Scan Cameras