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Available Variations:

  • SW-2000T-CL

  • SW-2000T-CXP2

Sweep+ SW-2000T-CL2 is a triple-CMOS sensor RGB color line scan camera featuring 3 x 2048 pixels with Camera Link interface.

Based on a combination of JAI´s well-known prism technology, a specially optimized JAI lens and CMOS sensors with large 20 µm x 20 µm pixels, the Sweep+ SW-2000T-CL line scan camera delivers the best-of-breed in color reproduction, RGB color alignment, edge sharpness and signal-to-noise ratio.

The SW-2000T-CL camera can scan up to 80.000 lines/s, making it suitable for demanding line scan applications in industrial inspection.

The new Sweep+ cameras deliver ultimate imaging accuracy due to 4 overall factors….

1) JAI prism technology: JAI´s own prism color technology provides full spatial resolution for each RGB band (through the same optical path) giving very precise color registration, the finest details, and improved edge sharpness.

2) Large 20 μm x 20 μm pixels on the sensors: The cameras feature sensors with 400 μm2  pixel areas to collect photons. A large photon collection area combined with large pixel quantum wells provides an excellent signal/noise level maximizing the image quality.

3) Special JAI designed lenses for perfect “system” match: All the Sweep+ SW-models are available with two special JAI lenses designed to match perfectly with the prism-technology for the best possible image sharpness and quality.

4) The combination of the above three technologies:  By combining JAI’s prism-based technology with large 20 μm pixel sensors and a perfectly matched lens, the new Sweep+ cameras set a new standard for accuracy in industrial color line scan imaging.


  • Industrial color CMOS line scan cameras based on beam splitter prism technology
  • 3 x 2048 pixels (R-G-B)
  • Large, sensitive 20 μm x 20 μm pixels
  • Large 400 μm² photon collection area and large quantum wells for high image quality
  • Scan rate up to 80,000 lines/s
  • Normal and reversed output
  • Binning function for increased sensitivity
  • Excellent sensor alignment accuracy
  • Color switch to link sensors to output channels
  • Selectable resolution with Regions of Interest (ROI)
  • Real time optical calibrations: Flat Field Correction (FFC), White Balance and Chromatic Aberration
  • Ethernet port for control, monitoring, updates and Telnet communications via Camera Link and Ethernet port
  • Test pattern generation for interfacing
  • Camera Link Interface (Base, Medium and Full), selectable pixel clock rate
  • CoaXPress Interface. Dual 6 Gbps CXP links (approved up to 3 Gbps)
  • Nikon F-mount or JAI Direct Mount with JAI designed lenses
  • Supported by Windows user interface
  • JAI SDK and GenICam compliant

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Product image of JAI SW-2000T
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Product image of  JAI SW-2000T

Quick Info for the JAI SW-2000T-CL

Camera Category: Line Scan
Camera Series: Sweep+
FPS: 80kHz
Interface: Camera Link
Manufacturer: JAI
Resolutions: -
Scanning Mode: Line Scan
Signal System: RGB

Quick Info for the JAI SW-2000T-CXP2

Camera Category: Line Scan
Camera Series: Sweep+
FPS: 80kHz
Interface: CoaXPress
Interface: Camera Link
Manufacturer: JAI
Resolutions: -
Scanning Mode: Line Scan
Signal System: RGB