JAI SW-4000Q-10GE Camera

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JAI introduces the SW-4000Q-10GE.

The SW-4000Q-10GE is a 4-CMOS color line scan camera with 4 channels (Color R-G-B and NIR) & is equipped with the high bandwidth, 10 GigE Vision interface.

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  • World’s first 4 x 4096 pixel prism-based 10GBASE-T line scan camera
  • Max. line rate of 72 kHz for RGB8 + NIR dual-stream output
  • Prism technology for superior color quality and alignment of visible + NIR channels
  • Backwards compatible to NBASE-T (5GBASE-T/2.5GBASE-T) and standard GigE (1000BASE-T)
  • Optimized for applications with fixed and varying object speeds
  • New “State of the art” CMOS sensors with selectable pixel size - 7.5 x 7.5 μm or 7.5 x 10.5 μm
  • Supports vertical dual-line binning, 2x horizontal binning, or both
  • Flat field correction and color shading correction
  • HSI and XYZ color space conversion
  • Supports direct connection to rotary encoders plus large variety of trigger options
  • GigE Vision 2.0 interface with choice of single-stream or dual-stream output
  • Output formats include 3 x 8-bit or 3 x 10-bit RGB, 8-bit YUV, and 8-bit/10-bit NIR
  • Excellent shock and vibration resistance

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Product image of JAI SW-4000Q-10GE
Product image of JAI SW-4000Q-10GE
Product Photos
Product image of  JAI SW-4000Q-10GE Product image of  JAI SW-4000Q-10GE

Quick Info for the JAI SW-4000Q-10GE

Camera Category: Line Scan
Camera Series: Sweep+
FPS: -
Interface: 10 Gigabit GigE
Manufacturer: JAI
Resolutions: 4096 x 1 px
Scanning Mode: Line Scan
Signal System: Color
Technology: GigE Cameras