JAI TMC-9730CL Camera

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The TMC-9730CL is a compact color progressive scan camera

The TMC-9730CL is a color progressive scan, interline-transfer (KAI-0373) Camera Link camera, inside a compact housing, designed for demanding military and industrial applications. A modular concept is utilized to allow the camera to be configured to meet specific design requirements.

The camera undergoes extended temperature testing, as well as extended shock & vibration testing. Optional configurations include a conformal coat, an imager blemish map, and EE shutter and/or AGC for automatic exposure control. See the data sheet for more specific information.

Dimensions (H x W x L): 44.5 x 44.5 x 88.7 mm


  • 2/3" CCD with 768 (H) x 484 (V) resolution
  • Large 11 x 13 µm pixels for high dynamic range and NIR sensitivity
  • Small 44.5 x 44.5mm housing (standard configuration)
  • GUI or serial commands for digital control of all camera functions
  • Built-in look-up table (LUT) provides max. image contrast & dynamic range
  • Extended temperature, shock, and vibration testing

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  • Sensor: 2/3” progressive scan IT CCD
  • Active area: 8.9mm x 6.6mm
  • Active pixels: 768 (H) x 484 (V)
  • Cell size: 11.6 µm x 13.6 µm
  • Readout Modes:
    Digital: 768 (H) x 484 (V)
    Analog: 570 TV lines (H) x 484 TV lines (V)
  • Synchronization:
    Internal/External auto switch
    VD= 30 Hz
    HD= 15.734 kHz ± 5%
  • Pixel clock: 14.318 MHz
  • S/N ratio: >54 dB
  • Sensitivity:
    Mono: 0.09 lux f=1.4 (no shutter) @ 30 fps,
    Color: 0.55 lux f=1.4 (no shutter) @ 30 fps
  • Video output:
    Analog: 1.0 Vp-p, 75 O
    Digital: 8-bit Camera Link
  • Color (TMC-9730CL only): Raw Bayer output for host-based interpolation
  • Gamma: Programmable LUT (Gamma 1.0 std)
  • Shutter speed: 1/30 to 1/31,500 in 10 steps
  • Lens mount: C-mount
  • Power: 12V DC ± 10%, 330 mA (typical at 25° C)
  • Operating temperature: -10° C to 50° C
  • Vibration: 7 Grms (10 Hz to 2000 Hz) Random
  • Shock: 70 G, 11 ms, half-sine
  • Dimensions (H x W x L): 44.5 mm x 44.5 mm x 68 mm
  • Weight: 171 g (without tripod)

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Product image of JAI TMC-9730CL
Product image of JAI TMC-9730CL
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Product image of  JAI TMC-9730CL Product image of  JAI TMC-9730CL

Quick Info for the JAI TMC-9730CL

Camera Category: Progressive Scan
Camera Series: TM
FPS: 30
Interface: Camera Link
Manufacturer: JAI
Resolutions: Under 1 MP
Scanning Mode: Progressive Scan
Signal System: Color
Technology: Camera Link Cameras