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The Odos Imaging Swift-G 3D/ToF imaging camera offers exceptional ability to connect and stream 3D data with speed and efficiency. Its 44 fps operation and 640×480 pixel resolution enable users to capture 3D information and begin operations with metric 3D data in seconds. The Swift-G directly outputs calibrated range and intensity images over GenICam over a GigE Vision connection to make interfacing to standard machine vision software suites quick and easy.

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  • Resolution: 640×480 pixels
  • Frame Rate: up to 44fps
  • Operating Range: 0.5 – 6 meters
  • Precision: ~ 1 cm (typical, varies with return signal level)
  • Field of View: 43°x33° (H x V, measured in center)
  • Illumination: 7x LEDs @ 850 nm
  • Output Data: xyz point cloud (via SDK), range, active infrared
  • Interface: GigEVision and GenICam compatible
  • Power: 12 VDC / 20W (typical), 60W (peak)
  • Software: StarStream-Swift Demo Software (Windows)
  • SDK: .NET (Windows)/ C++ (documented with examples) W7/W8/W10/Linux (i686, x86_64, armhf, AArch64)

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Product image of Odos Imaging Swift-G
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Product image of  Odos Imaging Swift-G

Quick Info for the Odos Imaging Swift-G

Camera Category: -
Camera Series: Swift-G
FPS: up to 44
Interface: GigEVision and GenICam compatible
Manufacturer: Odos Imaging
Resolutions: 640 x 480
Scanning Mode: -
Technology: 3D/ToF