PixeLINK Hyperion Series Cameras

The PixeLINK Hyperion Series features color and monochrome CMOS cameras with USB3 connectivity and impressive resolutions that range up to 6.6M. With a dynamic range of 60 dB in 10-bit mode and extremely low noise, these devices perform admirably in a variety of industrial settings. Features like a single common camera API, flip and rotate capabilities, programmable LUTs and an optional tethered sensor head broaden the range of potential applications. The PixeLINK Hyperion Series is ideal for use in industrial inspection, recognition and quality control applications.

List of PixeLINK Hyperion Series Cameras

Camera Resolution FPS Signal Category Interface Scanning Mode
Product Image Of PL-D726 PL-D726 6.6 MP 5.3 Monochrome Area Scan USB3 Vision -
Product Image Of PL-D729 PL-D729 9.5 MP 22 Monochrome Area Scan USB3 Vision -
Product Image Of PL-D775 PL-D775 5 MP 15 Color Area Scan USB3 Vision Area Scan