PixeLINK PL-E422C Camera

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The PL-E422 is a high performance low cost microscopy camera designed to capture highly detailed, publication quality images

This Micro-B USB2.0 camera features a 1/2.5" 1.9 megapixel sensor and can provide 20 frames per second at full resolution.  The sensor features a 3.2 µm pixel pitch and has 60 dB of dynamic range.


PixeLINK® µScope Essentials Microscopy Software

PixeLINK® offers professional microscopy image measurement software designed exclusively for PixeLINK® PL-E Series Digital Cameras .

Featuring a 64-bit application for MS Windows and offering live measurement and overlay settings, PL-E microscope users can perform measurements on the live preview image using the crosshair or grid masks to center and count.

A time-lapse capture function supports TIF, BMP and JPG file formats and video movie recordings can be saved in AVI, MPG, MPEG and MOV formats.

Learn more from obout PixeLINK® µScope Essentials or contact us directly for more information.


  • Requires a 0.5x C-mount Coupler

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  • Bit Depth: 8 & 10
  • Color: Color
  • Configuration: Standard
  • Frame Rate: 20
  • Interface: Micro-B USB 2.0
  • Lens Mount: CS-Mount (BL version only), C-Mount
  • Resolution: 1600 x 1200 (1.9MP)
  • Sensor Size: 1/2.5
  • Sensor Type: CMOS
  • Shutter Type: Rolling
  • Triggering Options: Software Only

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Product image of PixeLINK PL-E422C
Product Photos
Product image of  PixeLINK PL-E422C

Quick Info for the PixeLINK PL-E422C

Camera Category: Area Scan
Camera Series: Microscopy
FPS: 20
Interface: USB 2
Manufacturer: PixeLINK
Resolutions: 1.9 MP
Scanning Mode: -
Signal System: Color
Technology: Area Scan Sensors