Baumer Smart Cameras

Simplicity & Dependability

The AX smart cameras are the solution for vision-at-the-edge and AI applications. As a freely programmable image processing platform, they combine image acquisition and image processing in a single compact, industrial-grade component. In addition to powerful Sony CMOS sensors, they also integrate the market-leading modules NVIDIA Jetson Nano or Xavier NX. Their special AI core and graphics processors allow the implementation of AI-based systems. As a result, a separate PC is no longer needed for image processing – saving space, cabling, and system costs while simplifying the system design.

Thanks to Linux, you can benefit from extensive community support, flexibly use and fully protect algorithms according to your applications, and easily apply image processing libraries or application programming interfaces(APIs). The smart cameras are fully GenICam-compatible and can be efficiently and easily integrated via M12 Ethernet and RS232.

List of Baumer Smart Cameras
Camera Resolution Sensor FPS Signal Category Interface Scanning Mode
Product Image Of VAX-32C.I.NVN VAX-32C.I.NVN 2048 x 1536 - 55 Color SMART GigE -
Product Image Of VAX-32M.I.NVN VAX-32M.I.NVN 2048 x 1536 - 55 Monochrome SMART GigE -
Product Image Of VAX-50C.I.NVN VAX-50C.I.NVN 2448 x 2048 - 77 Color SMART GigE -
Product Image Of VAX-50M.I.NVN VAX-50M.I.NVN 2448 x 2048 - 77 Monochrome SMART GigE -