Sony Block Cameras

Sony HD block cameras that offer exceptional picture quality and a stunning range of outdoor image capture capabilities. Powerful Exmor CMOS sensors deliver impressive resolution and sensitivity in low light, fog and other less than ideal conditions. Up to 30x optical zoom and 12x digital zoom allow for effective capture and identification of small, faraway and moving objects, including license plates and tags. Color enhancement, image stabilization and wide dynamic range capabilities ensure accurate, easily analyzed image data in high-vibration environments. Motion detection and built-in temperature readout provide additional flexibility and responsiveness. Remote connections via VISCA protocol allow for easy operation in the field.

List of Sony Block Cameras

Camera Resolution Sensor FPS Signal Category Interface Scanning Mode
Product Image Of FCB-ER8300 FCB-ER8300 4K - - Color Block - -
Product Image Of FCB-ER8530 FCB-ER8530 4K - 30 Color Block - -
Product Image Of FCB-ER8550 FCB-ER8550 4K - 30 Color Block - -
Product Image Of FCB-ES8230 FCB-ES8230 4K - 30 Color Block - -
Product Image Of FCB-EV7100 FCB-EV7100 2.4 MP - N/A Color Block LVDS -
Product Image Of FCB-EV7520A FCB-EV7520A 1920 x 1080 - 60 Color Block LVDS Hi Def
Product Image Of FCB-EV9500L FCB-EV9500L 4 MP - - Color Block LVDS Progressive Scan
Product Image Of FCB-EV9500M FCB-EV9500M 4 MP - - Color Block MIPI Progressive Scan
Product Image Of FCB-EW9500H FCB-EW9500H 4 MP - - Color Block HDMI Progressive Scan