Sony FCB-EV9500L Camera

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Sony Introduces the All-New FCB-EV9500L Block Camera

The EV9500L offers higher visibility by adopting a new lens, image sensor, and ISP by a leading Japanese manufacturer. Experience 30x enhanced optical zoom in a compact size even with the larger 1/1.8 sensor. 

With new cell structures and circuit technology, this camera can efficiently use light, achieving twice the sensitivity of conventional image sensors.

This camera can capture highly precise video with reduced blurring even in harsh environments with strong vibrations thanks to its state-of-the-art blur suppression and image stabilizer.

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  • Full HD (1080p/60)
  • LVDS
  • 30x Enhanced Optical Zoom
  • 1/1.8 sensor
  • Image Stabilizer
  • Auto ICR
  • Wide Dynamic Range (Wide-D)
  • Visibility Enhancer
  • Defog
  • Noise Reduction

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Product image of Sony FCB-EV9500L
Product Photos
Product image of  Sony FCB-EV9500L

Quick Info for the Sony FCB-EV9500L

Camera Category: Block
Camera Series: Block
FPS: -
Interface: LVDS
Manufacturer: Sony
Resolutions: 4 MP
Scanning Mode: Progressive Scan
Signal System: Color
Technology: Block Cameras