Sony FCB-EH Series Cameras

The FCB-EH Series is a cutting edge family of HD block cameras with high resolution Exmor (1 / 2.8-type and 1/4-type) CMOS sensors for stunning picture quality and clarity. These devices' zoom capabilities range up to 28x and complement powerful features like automatic noise reduction and spherical zone privacy masking. FCB-EH cameras can capture images with as little as .25 lx natural light. Image stabilization capabilities and a special StableZoom mode enable smooth capture of small, moving objects in a dynamic environment. A single cable connection makes integration with remote operation devices easy.

List of Sony FCB-EH Series Cameras

Camera Resolution FPS Signal Category Interface Scanning Mode
Product Image Of FCB-EH3150 FCB-EH3150 1 MP 60 Color Area Scan HD Hi Def
Product Image Of FCB-EH6300 FCB-EH6300 2 MP 60 Color Area Scan HD Hi Def
Product Image Of FCB-EH6500 FCB-EH6500 2.1 MP 30 Color Block LVDS -