Sony FCB-ER Series Cameras

Sony FCB-ER Cameras - Eagle 4K-FCB, the 1st 4K Block Camera

The Sony FCB-ER Series of 4K color block cameras boast camera resolution increased to four times that of Full HD to deliver exceptional clarity and detail. The 1/2, 3" CMOS sensor and integrated zoom lens work with the BionZ image processor and automatic features like adaptive noise reduction to optimize images directly within the camera. 

The Sony FCB-ER series is ideal for surveillance, traffic monitoring, high end security, videoconferencing, sporting events and broadcast applications.

List of Sony FCB-ER Series Cameras

Camera Resolution FPS Signal Category Interface Scanning Mode
Product Image Of FCB-ER8300 FCB-ER8300 4K - Color Block - -
Product Image Of FCB-ER8530 FCB-ER8530 4K 30 Color Block - -
Product Image Of FCB-ER8550 FCB-ER8550 4K 30 Color Block - -
Product Image Of FCB-ES8230 FCB-ES8230 4K 30 Color Block - -