Sony XCL-SG510 Camera

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Available Variations:

  • XCL-SG510

  • XCL-SG510C

Sony introduces the XCL-SG510 GSCMOS camera.

The XCL-SG510 and XCL-SG510C are the latest industrial cameras from Sony to incorporate Sony Pregius GSCMOS sensor technology.

The XCL-SG510 combines the best of Sony technology in a convenient form factor which is optimized for use within both the Industrial Vision and non-manufacturing vision markets.

Drawing upon Sony's market leading Global Shutter CMOS sensor technology the XCL-SG510 combines the highly innovative, high speed IMX250 5.1MP GSCMOS sensor with Sony's rich heritage of complete camera technology and a Camera Link interface, bringing the best combination of performance and quality from a brand you can trust.

The XCL-SG510 incorporates the very latest Pregius high sensitivity technology for maximum visibility in challenging lighting environments.

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  • Unique Image Processing
  • High Frame Rate Image Transfer
  • Shading Correction
  • Defect Correction
  • Temperature Readout
  • Memory Channel (User Set)
  • Bulk Trigger Mode & Sequential Trigger Mode
  • Look-up Table (LUT)
  • Industrial Design

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Product image of Sony XCL-SG510
Product Photos
Product image of  Sony XCL-SG510

Quick Info for the Sony XCL-SG510

Camera Series: XCL
FPS: 35
Interface: Camera Link
Manufacturer: Sony
Resolutions: 5 MP
Scanning Mode: Progressive Scan
Signal System: Monochrome

Quick Info for the Sony XCL-SG510C

Camera Series: XCL
FPS: 30
Interface: Camera Link
Manufacturer: Sony
Resolutions: 5 MP
Signal System: Color