Z3 Technology 4K Series Cameras

Z3 Technology combines expert video compression with Sony’s proven 4k camera technology in order to provide you with high image quality at the lowest bandwidth, latency and power. Whether you use the Z3Cam-4k complete solution or integrate the HE4K-DCK-10 yourself, Z3’s robust systems bring clarity and detail in even high movement and low light conditions. Providing HD and Ultra-HD resolutions,  Z3’s block cameras allow for a complete compact HEVC 4K video encoding solution. With high sensitivity image processors, Z3’s 4k series block cameras and boards are a perfect fit for virtual reality imaging, high detail data analytics, broadcast medical, surveillance and more!

List of Z3 Technology 4K Series Cameras

Camera Resolution Sensor FPS Signal Category Interface Scanning Mode
Product Image Of HE4K-DCK-10 HE4K-DCK-10 4K - - Color Block IP -
Product Image Of Z3Cam-4k Z3Cam-4k 4K - 30 Color Block IP -