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Machine Vision Cameras

Our vast array of machine vision cameras are suitable for a wide variety of industrial applications. We have cameras from leading manufacturers to solve even the toughest industrial challenges.

High-Performance Image Sensors

Industrial image sensors from Phase 1 Technology deliver powerful, cutting-edge solutions for nearly any vision application. Featuring a number of technical innovations for unprecedented resolutions, sensitivities, and frame rates, these sensors expand the capabilities of any vision system.

Machine Vision Lenses

Featuring top machine vision lenses for CMOS and CCD cameras. Offering c-mount lenses, fixed and varifocal, manual and motorized zoom, high resolution, megapixel lens, and more.

Cables & Connectors for Machine Vision & Specialized Imaging

CEI cables from Phase 1 Vision deliver the best, most reliable solution for your machine vision cameras, components and specialized imaging system applications. Visit our cable configurator to create the exact cable you need.

Machine Vision Lighting and Industrial LED Lighting Controllers

Featuring machine vision lighting and industrial LED lighting solutions from top manufacturers, Phase 1 Vision offers back lights, spot lights, and ring lights, as well as lighting controllers to ensure peak performance.

Machine Vision Mounts & Industrial Camera Enclosures

Phase 1 Vision offers you a simple way to securely mount your machine vision camera, lighting and system components, including robotic end-of-arm-tooling, with Swivellink intelligent mounting solutions. Industrial camera enclosures from CEI protect your machine vision investment while supporting the accurate imaging results your production relies on, even in the harshest environments.

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