World leader in thermal imaging infrared cameras.

Flir industrial cameras are used in a wide variety of applications including machine vision, automation, security, transportation safety, night vision, thermography, industrial test and measurement, and more.

Whether it's the compact and affordable A Series cameras for machine vision applications like temperature measurement and production line tasks, plug-and-play PC compatible cameras featuring GigE Vision™ and GenICam™ compliance, or a monitoring system designed to withstand the elements to remotely collect valuable data, Phase 1 Technology Corp. can help you find the right Flir camera for your application.

Automation CamerasA35/A65

GigE Vision - GenICam™ Protocol Support
Up to 640 × 512 pixels
Compact and affordable thermal imaging tools for monitoring temperatures in machine vision environments.

Automation CamerasA300

MPEG-F Streaming - Ethernet Interface
FPS up to 30 Hz
High-quality area scan cameras for thermal imaging

Automation CamerasA600

GigE Vision™ and GenICam™ compliance
640 × 480 pixel resolution
The natural choice for PC users

Automation CamerasAX8

Ethernet/IP and Modbus TCP Interfaces
IR resolution: 80 × 60 pixels
Combines thermal and visual cameras in a small, affordable package

Automation CamerasConfigurable Cameras A400/A500/A700

GigE Interface
FPS up to 39 Hz
Perfect for complex monitoring applications

Automation CamerasConfigurable Cameras A50/A70

GigE Interface
FPS: 30 Hz - 640 × 480 resolution
Ideal for condition monitoring and early fire detection applications

Automation CamerasFixed Network / Fire Detection Cameras FC600

Ethernet Interface - FPS: 30 Hz
State-of-the-art image detail and on-board video
Perfect for fire detection, safety, waste disposal, and more