FLIR A300 Automation Cameras

Affordable & Accurate Temperature Measurement for All Needs & Applications

The FLIR A300-Series cameras offer affordable and accurate temperature measurements. They meet the needs of a wide range of applications, including fire prevention, critical vessel monitoring, power utility asset management, electrical substations, and more.

The cameras in this series offer up to 30 Hz FPS, MPEG-F streaming, and an Ethernet Interface. Click the links below to find the right camera for your machine vision project.

FLIR A300 CameraFLIR A300 Camera

PoE (Power over Ethernet)
FPS: 30 Hz
Affordable and accurate temperature measurement for PC users

FLIR A310 CameraFLIR A310 Camera

FPS: 9 Hz
Built-in analysis functions
Ideal for critical equipment monitoring

FLIR A310 ex CameraFLIR A310 ex Camera

FPS: 30 Hz
Rated IP 67, suitable for dusty environments
Fully compliant with ATEX regulations

FLIR A310F CameraFLIR A310F Camera

FPS: 30 Hz
320 x 240 pixel IR resolution
Fix-mounted monitoring system designed to withstand the elements

FLIR A310PT CameraFLIR A310PT Camera

FPS: 30 Hz
Multi-sensor configurations
Pan-tilt monitoring system designed to withstand the elements

FLIR A320 CameraFLIR A320 Camera

FPS: 9 Hz
PoE (Power over Ethernet)
Built-in “smartness” like analysis, alarm functionality, and more