FLIR A35/A65 Automation Cameras

Affordable & Compact Thermal Imaging Powerhouses

The FLIR A35 and A65 Automation Cameras are highly affordable units for deploying thermal imaging to monitor continuous processes. They are also compact enough to fit in tight spaces on your production line.

Both cameras come standard with GigE Vision compatibility, GenICam protocol support, and Power over Ethernet (PoE). Click the links below to find the right camera for your machine vision project.

FLIR A35 CameraFLIR A35 Camera

Focal Length / Minimum Focus Distance - 19 mm
320 × 256 pixels
FPS: 60 Hz

FLIR A65 CameraFLIR A65 Camera

Focal Length / Minimum Focus Distance - 13 mm
640 × 512 pixels
FPS: 30 Hz