FLIR Configurable Cameras A400/A500/A700

Monitor in Complex Environments With Ease

The FLIR A400, A500, and A700 configurable cameras have all the features automation solution providers need for complex monitoring applications. All cameras in this series come equipped with 30 Hz FPS and a GigE interface.

The A400, A500, and A700 offer flexible measurement features, advanced analytics, and world-class thermal imaging. The A500F and A700F provide outdoor monitoring, simplified integration, and consistently accurate results. Click the links below to find the right camera for your machine vision project.

FLIR A400 CameraFLIR A400 Camera

FPS: 30 Hz
640 × 480 (307,200 pixels)
Offers edge analytics with features such as a polygon function

FLIR A500 CameraFLIR A500 Camera

FPS: 30 Hz
Superior measurement accuracy (<±2°C)
Flexible measurement features for a range of applications

FLIR A500F CameraFLIR A500F Camera

FPS: 30 Hz
IR Resolution: 464 × 348
Can withstand temperatures between -30° to 50°C

FLIR A700 CameraFLIR A700 Camera

FPS: 39 Hz
640 × 480 (307,200 pixels)
Offers advanced analytics for improved decision support

FLIR A700F CameraFLIR A700F Camera

FPS: 30 Hz
Combines unmatched thermal imaging with edge computing
Ideal for outdoor monitoring