FLIR Configurable Cameras A50/A70

Monitor Conditions & Detect Fires With Consistent, Pin-Point Accuracy

The FLIR A50 and A70 configurable cameras are smart sensor cameras ideal for users who want built-in on-camera analytics and alarm capabilities for condition monitoring and early fire detection applications.

Both cameras in this series come equipped with 30 Hz FPS and a GigE interface. They also offer high-quality images, trouble-free integrations, and are easy to install. Click the links below to find the right camera for your machine vision project.

FLIR A50 CameraFLIR A50 Camera

FPS: 30 Hz
640 × 480 (307,200 pixels) resolution
Ideal for users who want built-in, on-camera analytics and alarm capabilities

FLIR A70 CameraFLIR A70 Camera

FPS: 30 Hz
Trouble-free integration
Options for Wi-Fi, an integrated visual camera, and ONVIF S compatibility