Active Silicon AS-FBD-2XCLD-2PE8 Frame Grabber

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FireBird Camera Link Dual 80-bit (Deca) is a member of Active Silicon’s state-of-the-art FireBird frame grabber family.

FireBird is designed for ultimate performance using Active Silicon’s proprietary DMA Engine technology, “ActiveDMA”. This technical innovation applies RISC based processor techniques and guaranties zero CPU intervention, high speed and low latency image data transfers.

FireBird supports the latest version 2.0 Camera Link specification, including both 80 bit modes: 8 bit 10 tap and 10 bit 8 tap modes – often referred to as Camera Link “Deca”, at clock rates up to 85 MHz.  Developed for high-end multiple camera applications, the FireBird Camera Link Dual 80-bit supports capture from two simultaneous Camera Link cameras, which could be two Medium, two Full or two 80 bit cameras.

FireBird is supported by Active Silicon’s PHX software development kit (SDK), allowing easy migration for existing customers using Phoenix frame grabbers. The PHX SDK is available as a separate item, and allows rapid system development and integration. It provides comprehensive example applications and optimized libraries, and is available for a variety of operating systems via a common API, including Windows and Linux (32 bit and 64 bit environments) as well as Mac OS X and QNX. Drivers for third party applications are also available such as Cognex VisionPro, HALCON, Common Vision Blox, StreamPix, LabVIEW etc. As well as functions that control the hardware, the libraries include general purpose functions for the manipulation and display of images. A separate datasheet describes the SDK in detail.

FireBird also supports GenICam for Camera Link cameras which support CLProtocol, including those using GenCP. A GenTL Producer is provided as part of the FireBird driver installation which allows the frame grabber to be used with GenICam GenTL compliant applications.


Quick Info for the Active Silicon AS-FBD-2XCLD-2PE8 Frame Grabber
Buffer: 512 MB
Camera Inputs: 2 Medium or 2 Full or 2 80 bit (Deca)
Host Bus: PCIe Gen2 x8
Interface : Camera Link
Manufacturer: Active Silicon
Pixel Clock: 85 MHz

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Product image of Active Silicon AS-FBD-2XCLD-2PE8