Dalsa LVDS Frame Grabbers

Dalsa LVDS frame grabbers maximize system performance, featuring PCI-64, PCI-X66 and PCIe x4 host buses with buffers from 32 MB to 512 MB.

List of Dalsa LVDS Frame Grabbers

Frame Grabber Interface Inputs Host Bus Buffer Pixel Clock
Product Image Of X64-LVDS X64-LVDS  
PCI-64 LVDS up to 8 Taps PCI-64 32 MB 75 MHz
PCI-X66 LVDS up to 8 Taps PCI-X66 32 MB 75 MHz
Product Image Of Xcelera-LVDS PX4 Xcelera-LVDS PX4 LVDS up to 4 USB 3.0 Ports PCIe x4 512 MB 75 MHz