Dalsa Xcelera-LVDS PX4 Frame Grabber

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The X64 Xcelera-LVDS PX4 is a PCIe x4 frame grabber for conventional parallel digital output cameras. As part of Teledyne DALSA’s flagship Xcelera Series of high-performance frame grabbers, the Xcelera-LVDS leverages the PCI Express (PCIe) platform to bring traditional image acquisition and processing technology to new levels of performance and flexibility. The PCIe host interface is a point-to-point interface that facilitates simultaneous image acquisition and transfer without loading the system bus or requiring significant intervention from the host CPU. Designed with the requirements of machine vision OEMs in mind, the Xcelera Series of products range from entry level frame grabbers to high-performance image acquisition and processing boards.

The X64 Xcelera-LVDS PX4 has been built within Teledyne DALSA’s Trigger-to-Image Reliability (T2IR) technology framework. The T2IR technology leverages Teledyne DALSA’s hardware and software innovations to control, monitor and correct the image acquisition process from the time that an external trigger event occurs to the moment the data is sent to the host, providing traceability when errors do occur and permitting recovery from those errors. The X64 Xcelera-LVDS PX4 supports a wide variety of multi-tap area and line scan color and monochrome cameras.

Software Support

The Xcelera series is fully supported by Teledyne DALSA’s Sapera Essential machine vision software package. Sapera Essential is a cost-effective software development toolkit that bundles board level image acquisition and control software libraries with highly advanced image processing capability including geometric search, OCR, 1D/D2 barcode symbology, calibration and blob analysis tool along with over 350 highly optimized image processing functions. Sapera Essential is designed to deliver the critical functionality required by machine vision OEMs: develop, deploy, redistribute and maintain high-performance imaging applications while at the same time significantly lower the total cost of ownership. Teledyne DALSA Platform Development Advantage - Free Run-Time Licensing The Sapera Essential standard processing tool run-time license is offered at no additional charge when combined with the Teledyne DALSA frame grabbers. This software run-time license1 includes access to over 400 image processing functions, area-based (normalized correlation based) template matching tool, blob analysis and lens correction tool.


Quick Info for the Dalsa Xcelera-LVDS PX4 Frame Grabber
Buffer: 512 MB
Camera Inputs: up to 4 USB 3.0 Ports
Host Bus: PCIe x4
Interface : LVDS
Manufacturer: Dalsa
Pixel Clock: 75 MHz

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