Computar M2518-MPW2 C Mount Lens

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2/3" 25mm F1.8 5 Megapixel Ultra Low Distortion Lens (C Mount)

Dedicated design emphasis on the performance for close-up applications required in factory automation and image processing areas.

  • Ultra low distortion
  • Higher relative illumination rate
  • Floating design
  • Locking set screws for focus and iris

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  • Focal Length: 25mm
  • Max. Aperture Ratio: 1:1.8
  • Max. Image Format: 8.8mm x 6.6mm(11mm)
  • Operation Range:
    Iris: F1.8 - F16.0
    Focus: 0.2m - Inf.
  • Object Dimension at M.O.D.:
    2/3 Type: 5.48cm x 7.31cm
    1/1.8 Type: 4.32cm x 5.73cm
    1/2 Type: 3.98cm x 5.31cm
  • Angle of View, 2/3 Type:
    (D) 24.6o
    (H) 19.9o
    (V) 15.0o
  • Angle of View, 1/1.8 Type:
    (D) 19.5o
    (H) 15.7o
    (V) 11.8o
  • Angle of View, 1/2 Type:
    (D) 18.1o
    (H) 14.5o
    (V) 10.9o
  • Operating Temperature: -10o - + 50oC
  • Effective Lens Aperture:
    Front: 18.0mm
    Rear: 13.0mm
  • Back Focal Length: 13.8mm
  • Flange Back Length: 17.526mm
  • Mount: C-Mount
  • Filter Size: M27.0 P=0.5mm
  • Dimensions: 29mm x 36.37mm
  • Weight: 60.0g

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Product image of Computar M2518-MPW2
Product Photos
Product image of  Computar M2518-MPW2
Quick Info for the Computar M2518-MPW2 C Mount Lens
Aperture: 1.8 ~ 16
Focal Length: 25mm
Format : 2/3
Manufacturer: Computar
Model Type: Fixed Focal
Mount: C Mount
Product Life Cycle: New Product
Resolution : 5 MP
Ruggedized: --