Edmund 59-871 C Mount Lens

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Optotune Electrically Focus-Tunable Lenses provide flexible, fast-focusing solutions for a wide variety of machine vision applications, including quality control, sorting, or bar code reading. Unlike traditional optical setups, in which mechanical adjustments must be made for objects at different working distances, Optotune’s Electrically Focus-Tunable Lenses take only milliseconds to refocus and are free of mechanical translation. In addition to focusing applications, these lenses can reduce the number of light sources and the overall power consumption of adaptive illumination applications by providing highly flexible lighting parameters.


Quick Info for the Edmund 59-871 C Mount Lens
Aperture: 1.4 ~ 17
Focal Length: 25mm
Format : 2/3
Manufacturer: Edmund
Mount: C Mount
Resolution : 1.5 MP <
Ruggedized: --

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