Ricoh/Pentax FL-CC7528-2M C Mount Lens

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75 mm C-Mount Lens Pentax C7528-M (KP) /  Ricoh FL-CC7528-2M - 2.8 / 75mm

Fixed focal length lens, high-resolution, compact Megapixel lens, with locking screws for C- and CS- Mount cameras 

  • Highest Contrast
  • Fast Aperture
  • Extremly Robust
  • Compact Design
  • Fixing Screws
  • Minimized Distorsion
  • Minimized Vignetting

The M series had been developed as an extension of the existing series of lenses for image processing applications.

The overall image quality is kept high through many aspects. The picture geometry has been enhanced by reduced distortion and the lens resolution has been designed around the requirements of mega pixel sensors.

The contrast of the image boarders exceeds the standard requirement many times over due to our new applied manufacturing technologies. These lenses are purposely designed to maximise picture performance at short distances. Also the lens coatings set new standards in quality and are ideal for taking images of particularly high-contrast scenes or intensely illuminated high-speed exposures.


Quick Info for the Ricoh/Pentax FL-CC7528-2M C Mount Lens
Aperture: 2.8 ~ 32
Focal Length: 75mm
Format : 2/3
Manufacturer: Ricoh/Pentax
Mount: C Mount
Resolution : 2 MP
Ruggedized: --

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