Ricoh/Pentax FL-YFL5028 F Mount Lens

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Even, high definition optical characteristics across the entire image (including the periphery)
With a design optimized for FA close-up shooting, this lens is suitable for sensors up to 45 mm

Used for inspection of steel, pulp, fibre/textile, printing, film and other flat materials and Web appearance testing equipment

  • High resolution, high contrast
  • Suitable for sensors up to 45mm
  • Abundant Light Distribution
  • Minimal distortion
  • Available in F-mount and PENTAX K mount
  • Lockable focus & iris rings

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Format size 45mm Image Circle
Focal length 50 mm
Maximum aperture ratio 1:2.8
Iris range 2.8-22
Mount F-mount (bayonet mount) FL-YFL5028
Minimum object distance 0.25 m (Magnification: 0.5x)
Back focal length 36.99 mm
Filter size 62 P=0.75 mm
Dimensions φ72×56.8 mm(FL-YFL3528
∞ ·0.5X
Weight 370 g
Remarks Focus: Lock Screw Iris: Click stop.
Not for photographic cameras.


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Product image of Ricoh/Pentax FL-YFL5028
Product Photos
Product image of  Ricoh/Pentax FL-YFL5028
Quick Info for the Ricoh/Pentax FL-YFL5028 F Mount Lens
Aperture: 2.8 ~ 22
Focal Length: 50mm
Format : 45mm
Manufacturer: Ricoh/Pentax
Mount: F Mount
Resolution : Line Scan
Ruggedized: --