Schneider 21-1001482 C Mount Lens

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The Schneider Optics 21-1001482 The Cinegon 1.8/16mm Compact C-Mount Lens covers a large 1" format sensor with a 16mm image circle. It is visible corrected and broadband coated from 400-1000nm (Visible through Near IR spectrum). The Compact Series provides outstanding optical performance, and is widely used in industrial applications for high-end inspection and measurement tasks.

The lens features a robust metal body and solid mechanical design built to withstand harsh environmental conditions. It also features precise focusing via fine internal thread, a unique, robust focus lock, and a click-stop free iris setting / Iris lock. A filter adapter is available to accept M30.5x0.5 filters.

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Quick Info for the Schneider 21-1001482 C Mount Lens
Aperture: 1.8 ~ 22
Focal Length: 16mm
Format : 1
Manufacturer: Schneider
Mount: C Mount
Resolution : 5 MP
Ruggedized: --

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