Tamron M23FM16 C Mount Lens

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2/3” 16mm F/1.8 Ultra High Resolution 2.5um Pitch Sensors Lens

Tamron has been long recognized as an innovative source for Mega-Pixel Fixed-Focal length lenses for precision industrial applications such as PCB production, inspection machines and engineering devices, affording them valuable insight into industry needs and trends. Trending higher in recent years and growing rapidly is the demand for substantially higher-resolution cameras, requiring exacting, task-specific optics.

As part of an ongoing initiative to address this need, Tamron has released 7 models specifically for use with 2/3" 2.um pitch size sensor cameras. By this new lineup, Tamron’s dedication to meeting customer requirements will be further realized.


Ultra High Resolution

  • Designed to match pixel pitch 2.5? sensors. Realize high resolution from center to periphery (image height 90%).
  • MOD 10cm (6, 8, 12, 16, 25mm), 15cm (35, 50mm).
  • Low distortion.
  • 6 iris blades maintain same performance as 8 blades through a unique iris blade design.

High Durability

  • Optimized focus lock screws for each focal length design.
  • Metal mount and components for high durability.
  • Vibration and shock resistant design maintains the initial optical performance.

High Versatility

  • Newly designed mechanics enable the focus rotation to be larger and reduces troublesome focus adjustment.
  • Designed to fix the mechanical length of the lens.


  • Imager Size: 2/3
  • Mount: C
  • Focal Length: 16mm
  • Aperture Range: F/1.8~22
  • Field of View(HxV)
    2/3: 30.1ox 22.8o
    1/2: 22.1ox 16.6o
    1/3: 16.6ox 12.5o
  • Focusing Range: 0.1m~∞
  • Operation
    Focus: Manual with Lock Screw
    Iris: Manual with Lock Screw
  • Filter Size: M49 P=0.75
  • Corresponding Wavelength: Visible Light

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Product image of Tamron M23FM16
Product Photos
Product image of  Tamron M23FM16
Quick Info for the Tamron M23FM16 C Mount Lens
Aperture: 1.8 ~ 22
Focal Length: 16mm
Format : 2/3
Manufacturer: Tamron
Mount: C Mount
Resolution : 6 MP
Ruggedized: --