Emergent 10 GigE Camera

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Video Transcript:

Welcome to Machine Vision Moment!

Today’s Machine Vison Moment will introduce you to the world’s first 10 GigE cameras by Emergent Vision Technologies. Emergent’s 10 GigE technology is 10 times faster than single GigE and USB3, delivering a smooth 10-fold increase in data rate and frame rate. This means a steady flow of data without pixilation, artifacts, stop, stutter or buffering. As a result, these cameras are very popular for Virtual Reality and Sporting Events, among other high speed applications. Series options include resolutions of 10, 20 and the soon to be available, 50 mega pixel camera models.

You’ll notice that the camera includes a standard RJ45 port for GigE connectivity. I should also mention that a great thing about the 10 GigE is that it meets all of the AIA GigE Standard. The only thing you would need to buy extra is a 10 GigE NIC card, which would allow you to plug the camera into your PC.

You’ll also find an input for a Cat5e/6 optical cable. This added benefit means that if you have a cable constraint issue, you’ll also be able to hook up a fiber optic cable.

As you can see, the camera has a large format sensor, making it a powerful choice for high speed applications.

Emergent Vision Technologies 10 GigE cameras. Check them out at Phase1Vision.com.