JAI GO 5000 Series Cameras

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Video Transcript:

Welcome to Machine Vision Moment!

Today’s Machine Vision Moment introduces you to the JAI GO 5000 Series cameras. These powerful compact cameras are available in GigE, USB 3 and Power-over-Mini-CameraLink interface options to accommodate the different interface boards. Let’s take a look at the USB 3 and PMCL models.

The 5000C GO series camera features a USB 3 port as well as a 12 pin Hiroshi connector.

The 5000PMCL is another option and features 2 mini cameraLink ports.

Depending on the interface you select, frame rates are available from 22 frames per second to 165 frames per second.

You’ll see here that all GO Series cameras are equipped with a lens C-Mount.

Available in 2.3 MP and 5 MP models, JAI’s GO 5000 series cameras feature the latest SONY IMX CMOS sensor technology and global shutter to deliver high resolution images.

Featuring fast frame rate, high resolution, small size, low weight, and optics flexibility, the JAI GO 5000 series cameras has a lot to offer at a very affordable entry-level price.

JAI GO 5000 Series Cameras for machine vision. Check them out at Phase1Vision.com.