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Video Transcript:

Welcome to Machine Vision Moment!

Today’s Machine Vision Moment introduces you to SONY Block cameras  and SONY’s revolutionary FCBER8300, also known as The Eagle.

SONY is the number one provider for block cameras, which are used for streaming data in vision applications. As a result, block cameras are exclusively intended for OEM applications.

SONY has an extensive line of over 30 models, which are typically used for:

Security, Photo Booths, Pipe Inspection, Drones, and even low vision applications for people who suffer from macular degeneration.

All SONY block cameras have built-in zoom capabilities, which brings us to the star of this presentation – the Eagle!

The SONY FCBER8300, also known as the Eagle, is the first and only block camera on the market today capable of 4K video streaming. You’ll notice that it is slightly larger than other block cameras; however, SONY is addressing that right now and smaller models will be available before the end of 2016.

The Eagle features SONY’s powerful and innovative 1/ 2.3-type XMOR CMOS sensor, making it a great option for low-light applications, while still delivering 4K resolution. As already mentioned, the Eagle has a built-in zoom. Additionally, it also has privacy zone masking to ensure you stream only what you need.

It’s also important to point out that all SONY block cameras are VISCA controlled, making features easily programmable using your PC.

SONY Block cameras and the Eagle - the only 4K super high resolution camera for OEM applications. Check them all out at