Newsight Imaging NSI3000 Evaluation Board

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NewSight Imaging carries the NSI3000EVB evaluation board.

The NSI3000EVB is the evaluation board of the NSI3000 sensor. It was designed to help our customers build their modules and configure the sensor, so they can evaluate its performance and take full advantage of it for their applications.

The board is powered via a standard 5V Type-A USB cable, and connects to a PC host via a USB port and the on-board FTDI FT2232H USB to UART/FIFO IC. An on-board DC-to-DC converter outputs 3.3V for the analog and digital supplies of the NSI3000.

The board is based on an ALTERA MAX10 FPGA and supports output frequencies up to 20MHz. It comes pre-programmed and is essentially ready to use. We provide a full customer kit which contains documents and software tools such as the EVB user guide, the NSI3000 programming spec., a configuration tool and a demo application.


  • Maxim MAX3967A 270Mbps SFP LED Driver IC.
  • CCOM Electronics Technology 25mm lens, optional CS/M12 mount 650nm/850nm/940nm IR filters.
  • Laser module, 1mW-5mW, 3.3-5VDC, 650nm-850nm.

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Product image of Newsight Imaging NSI3000 Evaluation Board
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Product image of  Newsight Imaging NSI3000 Evaluation Board
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