The Next Generation of Mapping

The SORA-CAMR4 is a revolutionary 61 MP, full-frame mapping camera solution designed specifically for high-quality drone mapping, surveying, and aerial inspections.

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drone equipped with sora-camr4

The SORA-CAMR4's full-frame sensor is 2.5X larger than a standard APS-C sensor. The full-frame sensor captures larger aerial images, resulting in a 35% savings in flight time yielding the same map quality and resolution.

sora product chipThe SORA-CAMR4 features dual UHS-ll media slots for easy access, an industrial locking connection for power and trigger, and APK integration via a hot shoe signal built directly into the Molex connector. Its lightweight design of 285g will result in longer fly times, maximizing your mapping experience.

Don't compromise on quality, performance, or compliance. Choose the ultimate solution for your professional drone needs.

Elevate your aerial imaging and mapping game with the SORA-CAMR4.

Camera Features

  • Light Weight (300g)
  • Compact Size (100mm x50mm)
  • Remote Control
  • Full Sony SDK Support
  • 61 megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor
  • Bionz X™ image processor
  • Built-in Multi-Interface hot shoe output for PPK
  • Top dynamic range and very low noise
  • 10 frames per second with full autofocus
  • 4K Video
  • Removed mechanical sensor stabilization
  • Standard off the shelf locking Molex connector


  • Maximum Photo Resolution and Frame Rates
  • 61.0 Mp Up To 10 Fps
  • Maximum Movie Resolution and Frame Rates
  • 4k / 30p Hd / 120p
  • Maximum Iso Sensitivity
  • Photo: Iso 100-32000 (Expandable: Iso 50-102400)
  • Movie: Iso 100-32000
drone equipped with sora-camr4

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Size and Mounting & Connections


Camera Remote SDK

Fully compatible with Sony's SDK, gives software developers the tools they need to seamlessly integrate cameras into their organization's workflow, across a wide spectrum of applications and solutions. With this devkit, developers can create ultra-customized software applications that will operate these cameras remotely from a host computer running Windows®, macOS®, or Linux®. Change the camera's settings, hit the shutter release, or use live view monitoring - all from a remote location. The possibilities are endless.

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