Bit Maxx Cables

The Bit Maxx™ cable extender and the Bit Maxx™ PoE + splitter from Phase 1 Technology give you high performance with added flexibility and function. PoCL-compatible, the Bit Maxx™ cable extender offers you a compact, low-profile solution to double your cable length at a fraction of the cost of repeaters. The Gigabit Bit Maxx™ PoE + splitter offers you a cost effective solution for operating non-PoE cameras on a PoE switch. Featuring a lightweight, industrial grade enclosure, the Gigabit Bit Maxx™ PoE + splitter improves cable management by eliminating the camera power supply and providing auxiliary terminals.

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Bit Maxx

Image of Bit Maxx

Exclusive NEW technology!

  • Double the distance of standard camera link cables
  • Fraction of the cost of repeaters
  • High flex cable construction
  • Compact, low profile solution
  • PoCL compatible

Per Camera Link standards:

  • All pairs are individually shielded with aluminum foil.
  • Pair shields are wrapped aluminum out and are in contact with four internal drains.
  • Outer braid and foil (chassis ground) are isolated from inner drains (digital ground).

Bit Maxx Gigabit PoE+ Splitter

Image of Bit Maxx Gigabit PoE+ Splitter

A solution for Non-PoE cameras operating on a PoE switch!

  • Improved cable management
  • No power supply needed
  • Convenient aux terminals
  • Industrial grade enclosure
  • Cost effective


  • Terminal block is supplied for convenient connection to the camera I/O, eliminating the need for expensive breakout cables
  • Can be mounted directly onto many popular GigE Vision® cameras

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