JAI Cameras

Proven technology. High reliability. Superior image fidelity.

JAI industrial camera solutions provide innovative digital CCD/CMOS camera technology for industrial machine vision, medical devices, global security and high-end surveillance system applications, as well as traffic imaging/vehicle recognition in Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS).

Whether it's the C3 Advanced Series JAI AB progressive scan CCD cameras with built-in pre-processing functions and high resolution and frame rates, or the ICCD performance and low-light sensitivity available in JAI AG cameras, or GigE Vision solutions, you'll find  the JAI industrial camera you need, and the expert help you desire, from Phase 1 Technology Corp.

Apex Series CamerasJAI Apex Series Cameras

Progressive scan CCD cameras • Color
Shutter speeds up to 120 FPS

Ideal for Industrial inspection
Metrology • Medical applications

BB/BM CamerasJAI BB/BM Cameras

Monochrome and color
Up to 5M resolution
GigE Vision and Camera Link compatible

Ideal for Hostile environments
Low-light and outdoor applications

CB/CM/CV CamerasJAI CB/CM/CV Cameras

CCD area scan cameras
Standard digital interfaces
High frame rate architecture

Ideal for Industrial and outdoor
inspection and observation
Applications requiring UV sensitivity

Fusion Series CamerasJAI Fusion Series Cameras

Monochrome and color
Near Infrared (NIR) capabilities
Shutter speeds up to 31 FPS

Ideal for Quality control
Inspection • Outdoor observation

Go Series CamerasJAI Go Series Cameras

CMOS cameras • Automatic Level Control
Frame rates up to 107 FPS • Compact

Ideal for Industrial inspection
Low light applications
Outdoor photography

Go-X Series CamerasJAI Go-X Series Cameras

Compact Industrial Area Scan Cameras

Equipped with Sony Pregius or Sony Starvis CMOS sensors

Robust capabilities in a small package

RM/RMC CamerasJAI RM/RMC Cameras

Multi-megapixel image quality
Monochrome, color, NIR
Shutter speeds up to 200 FPS

Ideal for High speed industrial inspection
Surveillance • Aerial photography

Spark Series CamerasJAI Spark Series Cameras

Monochrome and color CMOS cameras
Resolutions up to 20M
Shutter speeds up to 209 FPS

Ideal for Electronic and
semiconductor inspection
Photography • Surveillance

Sweep Series CamerasJAI Sweep Series Cameras

Advanced prism technology
Color and NIR
Frame rates up to 70 kHz

Ideal for High speed inspection
Measurement applications
Quality control

TM/TMC CamerasJAI TM/TMC Cameras

Color, monochrome, EIA/monochrome and NIR cameras and sensors
Shutter speeds up to 200 FPS

Ideal for Space-restricted high speed industrial inspection applications