GigE Cameras

GigE Cameras for Traffic and High Impact Applications

From traffic monitoring to high-impact industrial applications, GigE cameras offer a wide range of solutions for demanding applications that require remote operation and high processing speeds. With Ethernet links of up to 100 meters, data transfer speeds of up to 10 Gb/s and standardized protocols that enhance image quality and transmission integrity, GigE devices are ideal for use in high-temperature industrial facilities, industrial measurement and inspection, and weather and crowd monitoring applications.

Baumer CamerasBaumer Cameras

Progressive Scan: 16-160 fps, <1-8 MP
Board Level: 27-160 fps, <1-4 MP
Digital Monochrome/Color

Dalsa CamerasDalsa Cameras

Area Scan: 12-300 fps, <1-12.5 MP
Line Scan: 9 khz-68 khz, 1 K-4 K

Emergent Vision Technologies CamerasEmergent Vision Technologies Cameras

Monochrome, Color, NIR
GigE Vision & GenICam Compliant

JAI CamerasJAI Cameras

Area Scan: 15-200 fps, <1-16 MP
Monochrome/Color, Digital Color, NIR, RGB

PixeLINK CamerasPixeLINK Cameras

Area Scan: 7-150 fps, <1-6 MP

Sony CamerasSony Cameras

Area Scan: 15-90 fps, <1-5 MP

illunis Camerasillunis Cameras

Area scan: 1.7-2.4FPS
50-71 MP
High-speed, high-resolution