Pixelink Cameras

Precision, Reliability, and Simplicity for System Integration

Pixelink's high-performance monochrome and color CMOS and CCD camera options make integration with your custom machine vision, inspection, medical, microscopy, surveillance, or security system as simple as selecting the features you desire.

Whether you're looking for a fast 170 frames-per-second, low-noise images, a pixel pitch up to 4.8 µm, or external triggering, PixeLINK's feature-rich cameras offer you flexibility, simplicity, and performance. Available interfaces include Firewire A, USB 2.0, Micro-B USB 2.0, USB 3.0, and GigE.

10GigE CamerasPixelink 10GigE Cameras

CMOS cameras
Monochrome & color

12.3 MP (4096 x 3000)
Up to 64.6 FPS

Ideal for automated inspection, sports analysis, VR and AR applications, broadcasting and more

Industrial and Machine Vision CamerasPixelink Industrial and Machine Vision Cameras

CMOS & CCD cameras
Monochrome & Color
Up to 5 MP (2488x2050), Up to 28 fps

Ideal for Industrial Vision,
Automation, Inspection, Surveillance

Microscopy CamerasPixelink Microscopy Cameras

CMOS & CCD cameras
Monochrome & Color
Up to 12.6 MP (4096x3072)
Up to 170 fps

Ideal for Microscopy, Life Sciences