Baumer Cameras

Excellent image quality, high frame rates, and a camera design for rapid, flexible integration.

Baumer industrial cameras feature innovative technologies such as CCD and CMOS, come in color and monochrome versions with resolutions ranging from VGA to 8 megapixels, and are available for all standard interfaces, including GigE Vision®, USB3 Vision™, Camera Link® and FireWire.

From shorter inspection times with the HX Series to unlimited flexibility with the MXG Series board level cameras to showing detail no matter how fine with the Baumer SX Series, Phase 1 Technology Corp. has just the Baumer industrial camera you need for your demanding tasks.

All-in-One CamerasBaumer All-in-One Cameras

Gigabit Ethernet • 1.0 Megapixel • Monochrome • All-in-One design

AX Series CamerasBaumer AX Series Cameras

NVIDIA Jetson Nano or Xavier NX modules • 3.2 - 5 MP • Up to 77 fps • Sony IMX265 or IMX250 • Compatible with GenICam M12 Ethernet and RS232 connections Slots for SD cards, HDMI, and USB

CX Series CamerasBaumer CX Series Cameras

USB3 Vision • GigE Vision
Up to 403 frames per second

Ideal for applications across all industries
Easy integration, high flexibility

EX Series CamerasBaumer EX Series Cameras

GigE Vision and USB3 Vision Compliant
Up to 217 frames per second

Ideal for Machine Vision

HX Series CamerasBaumer HX Series Cameras

Camera Link • Dual GigE cameras
Up to 337 frames per second

Ideal for LCD Inspection
Microscopy • ITS

LX Series CamerasBaumer LX Series Cameras

Dual GigE interface • CMOSIS sensors
20 megapixel resolution

Ideal for Industrial image processing
2D/3D measurement
Pacakging inspection

MXG Series CamerasBaumer MXG Series Cameras

GigE, USB3 and GenICam compliant
Extremely compact and lightweight

Ideal for Packaging inspection
Robotics • Medical applications

SX Series CamerasBaumer SX Series Cameras

Camera Link • Dual GigE cameras
Dynamic tap balancing

Ideal for Motion analysis
Microscopy • Film scanning

TX Series CamerasBaumer TX Series Cameras

FireWire, Gigabit Ethernet
Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Ideal for Industrial image processing
Robotics • Medical technology

VisiLine Series CamerasBaumer VisiLine Series Cameras

CCD and CMOS cameras
GigE Vision, USB3 Vision
and GenICam compliant

Ideal for Medical applications
Measurement • Inspection