Baumer LX Series Cameras

With dual GigE frame rates up to 29 FPS (up to 14 FPS for single GigE), transfer rates of 2,000 Mbits/sec, and resolutions up to 5120 x 3840, Baumer LX Series cameras are ideal for applications demanding high-definition image acquisition quality at high throughput. The onboard CMOSIS CMV12000 sensor provides outstanding sensitivity ensuring reliable and precise image evaluation even in high-dynamic processes. Baumer LX Series cameras are ideal for PCB, packaging, and surface inspection, 2D/3D measurement, and industrial image processing.

List of Baumer LX Series Cameras

Camera Resolution Sensor FPS Signal Category Interface Scanning Mode
Product Image Of LXG120 LXG120  
LXG120C 12 MP - 19 Digital Color Industrial GigE -
LXG120M 12 MP - 19 Digital Monochrome Industrial GigE -
Product Image Of LXG200 LXG200  
LXG200C 20 MP - 12 Digital Color Industrial GigE -
LXG200M 20 MP - 12 Digital Monochrome Industrial GigE -