USB3 Vision Cameras

USB3 Vision Cameras for High Speed data Throughput Applications

USB3 Vision cameras bring easy plug and play installation and high levels of performance for use in robotics, autonomous unmanned vehicles (UMV) and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), high end security and surveillance, as well as a wide variety of inspection, document archiving, and metrology applications.

JAI CamerasJAI Cameras

1" CMOS Global Shutter
62 fps, 5 MP

PixeLINK CamerasPixeLINK Cameras

Board Level Camera, CMOS Global Shutter
5.3-150 fps, 1.3-6.6 MP, Color/Monochrome

Sony CamerasSony Cameras

USB3 Interface, 1080p/60 High Def PTZ
Remote/Videoconferencing, Ultra-Wide View-DR

10 GigE Cameras10 GigE Cameras

CMOS cameras, Monochrome & color
12.3 MP (4096 x 3000), Up to 64.6 FPS
Ideal for automated inspection, sports analysis, VR and AR applications, broadcasting and more

illunis Camerasillunis Cameras

CMOSIS Sensors
Up to 6.8 FPS
Ideal for applications across all industries
High-speed, high-resolution

Lumenera CamerasLumenera Cameras

Enclosed & Board Level Cameras
Sony IMX Sensors, Up to 12.3 megapixels
Frame rates as high as 162 fps